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03/07/2020 Public Transport

The two main times of it happening on the street were when I was about 13/14.

I was waiting at a bus stop in town and a guy was waiting at the same stop, he was watching me the whole time. I got on the bus and he followed me upstairs and sat right behind me, I immediately felt uncomfortable then. I remember thinking if he doesn't get off before me I will stay on this bus as I don't want him to see where I get off or follow me off, I now know he went way past where he lives as I found out where he lived after this happened, anyway as he was getting off he stood at the top of the stairs and just looked at me again, I looked away because I felt uncomfortable.

He then ran towards me and started pulling my top and kissing my face, it was absolutely horrible and I just froze as I was in shock, he ran off and I didn't even start crying because I was so confused and embarrassed, nobody even said anything to me except these two girls who asked if I knew him and called him a perv but once they got off the bus I felt completely unsafe again. I ran home and cried to my mum who called the police and I had to go to the police station to give a statement, they acted like it was serious but nothing actually happened and they said the bus company had 'lost the footage'.

It got really scary for me as I started to see this guy everywhere around town and even when I was out for a meal with my family. I couldn't get a bus again, especially on my own until I was about 19.

The second time was pride around the same age, my friend and I were at the beach with some friends, this guy walked past my friend and I and started talking to us, he seemed ok and we were a bit naive then. My friend walked off and I was still speaking to him but where everyone could see us, next thing I know he's grabbed hold of my arms and is pulling me down the beach to the water, I was so scared and I was screaming to him 'please stop!!!', I also screamed out for my friend who didn't hear me. I remember his face just laughing at me the whole time and how hard his grip was, I didn't know how I was going to get away but for some reason he let go once we got right by the water, it was like he just wanted to scare me and it worked! I find it horrible that when I was at school in my uniform I used to get cat called beeped at chatted up a whole lot more than I do now.

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