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03/08/2020 The Level

Never thought I’d have to write a harassment post on here to add to the depressingly long list of them. 

Minding my own business, sitting by the wall eating my snacks. A man, in his 30s/early 40s in a bright yellow jacket, ginger hair and beard about 5’10 tall came over to me. He was behind me on the wall part and asked rudely if he could jump over me. I said ‘I’d rather you didn’t’ for him to proceed to try jump over me? He said he didn’t want to walk around. Even though I was the only person within 100 metres on this patch of land. He then proceeded to beg if he could sit next to me and got angry when I asked him to leave me alone. He then began to argue with me for me saying ‘no thank you’ over and over again.

I was trying to call my boyfriend as I got concerned, didn’t feel as if I could move as I had all my shopping put down around me and had my lunch out. I didn’t know what his intentions were either.  So after refusing to leave me alone, even though I kept saying ‘please leave me alone’  he then thought it would be great to scream ‘ whore’ and ‘slut’ at me. And he called me a posh whore too. Which was interesting! 

As he walked away he kept calling me a whore, and I overheard him shout at a man who was walking by 50 metres away telling him how I’m a whore. I felt so shook up and so uncomfortable. As an anxious person, I really struggled to feel okay even sitting on my own regardless. I did nothing to incite him. I was just sitting in my jacket eating. Can a girl not sit on her own?

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