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06/08/2020 Churchill Square

My housemate was at Churchill Square on her lunch break today, and noticed one of the charity fundraising people - this was apparently for knife crime - walking behind her. She was running late and kept walking pretending her headphones had music and he eventually caught up with her around where Leon is. He had literally CHASED her. When she said 'I'm really late I can't stop' he then proceeded to say it was fine, he just wanted to tell her how beautiful she is, and could he shake her hand.

She had her mask on, but he had no mask, no hand sanitiser, had already touched her to get her to stop / her attention. She mumbled thanks and tried to keep walking and he carried on asking if he could have her number and when she said no, instantly said 'oh, so do you have a boyfriend then?' She just said she did to avoid confrontation and be on time after her break, and she's super laid back so was kind of laughing about it, but it's just totally unacceptable.

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