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10/08/2020 London Road

I was walking down London Road at around 5 on the phone to a friend. 3 guys were walking in the opposite direction, one I recognised who had asked me for money a few times before. He came towards me and I thought he might be asking for money, so I stopped to listen to him and then he just said:My friend wants to touch your tits” loudly. I shouted at him to fuck off and that he was disgusting and then he just said it again and walked off. They were all clearly drunk but it really caught me off guard to happen in broad daylight in such a busy place.

No one said anything to me or them and many people heard. When I turned the corner and was crying still no one helped. This was following a week where I had also been sexually assaulted by a friend. Also, I was literally wearing loose shorts to my knees and a baggy t-shirt, just in case anyone needs reminding that what’s you wear has no relation to your risk of sexual harassment.

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