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26/05/20 East Brighton Beach

I was sunbathing on Brighton beach on a large blanket to encourage others to distance away from me, I had my eyes closed and listening to music when a very slim, around 6ft tall, Asian towered over me attempting to engage me in conversation with him - startled I said "What are you doing? Move away from me!" to which he attempted to sit down on my blanket, attempted to talk further, called me "baby" and I raised my arm in front of my face to make it clear I didn't want him near me.

His friend was at the bottom of my blanket standing up facing me, they were speaking in what sounded similar to the language Urdu. They then walked over to a pair of girls, maybe 16/17 years old (very young) on the beach together and sat down on their towel and engaged in conversation and was forceful again. It was clear the girls were uncomfortable.

The guys then did the same all along the beach, targeting women on their own or underage. Their intentions were not clear, I did not feel as if they were trying to steal from me. It was very intimidating.

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