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16/06/2020 Preston Park

I was in Preston Park yesterday doing my usual power walk when a man approached me and asked me to help him find his phone if it was ok, as he really needed to contact his girlfriend as it was an emergency regarding their child. Me being me helped him straight away look for his phone, as having two children myself, I understand how stressful it can be in that situation. It was near the abandoned building part (if you walk up the gravel path, up the slope, and the caravans are at the top on the left, follow the path round to the left and you have the main grass in your left and the grass on the right that looks a bit deserted, few trees where people would sit under, and the path between these two parts are downhill, it was on the right-hand side of this path).

So anyway, I'm looking through the grass trying to help him, he took me quite far back away from most people and proceeded to grab my left boob from behind, so I jumped back in shock, and when I turned around he had his back up against a tree with his bits hanging out his shorts, asking me if I wanted to feel it. Me being me, panicked and booted him straight in it and legged it! If a male who was roughly 6ft 1", dark hair, dark olive skin, bright blue eyes, quite muscular, broken English and very confident, comes up to you with a similar story, just stay away!

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