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07/06/20 North Street, outside Barclays

I was walking down the street in a pair of jeans and oversized hawaiian shirt and a man in around his 50's clutching a can of lager started ogling me as he walked past and shouted at me 'look at them bounce'. When I called him out and said it was disgusting he said he'd 'pay me extra if I let him watch' at which point I told him to fuck off as I was so angry at being spoken to like that. He told me it was a 'compliment' and that I should 'go fuck myself', and called me a slut. I felt bad afterwards for shouting/swearing at him, but then I remembered that if he hadn't started making inappropriate comments towards me then I wouldn't have interacted with him at all.


The first time I was sexually assaulted in Brighton (the second serious time in my life, there have been countless others) it was my first year at university when a union bar worker and friend told me he was 'all about consent' before not listening to my protestations and going ahead to do a number of things against my will. This happened in 2015 and I wish I had reported it at the time, but I was worried about ruining his future career as he was studying law. That was all the more reason for him to know what he was doing was wrong. I confronted him in my final year as I was sick of having panic attacks every time I saw him, and him still continuing to say hi to me and not even having realised what he'd done.

2016 Haunt

There was also an incident in the haunt in 2016 where a random boy grabbed me between my legs from behind as I walked past him. There had been no previous interaction between us and when I turned around to confront him, both he and his friend started laughing, so I slapped him around the face really hard and walked off.

I'm sorry my stories usually involve me getting angry and swearing at/hitting the people who have assaulted/harassed me but I've found that being nice doesn't work either. The feeling of being so small and embarrassed by being spoken to and treated that way never goes away, even though you'd have thought I'd be used to it by now.

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