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18/04/2019 Raleigh, NC


My Ex was very abusive; mentally, physically, we were in a hotel one night because we had been evicted from our apartment. He wanted to have sex but I was on my period so he tried to make me do anal sex with him. I didn’t want to do it bc I was scared it would hurt, and we had no lubricant. He kept begging me to do it but I kept saying no. Finally he jumped on my bed and slammed me on my stomach and ripped my pants off. He forced himself inside of me anally. I screamed and begged him to stop but he didn’t. Every time I’d scream he’d punch me in my head and tell me to shut up before someone heard us. I finally started to lose consciousness so I stopped screaming. He finished and slapped me in my face and I woke up. I ran to the bathroom bleeding everywhere and crying. To this day I have never told anybody.

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