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18/07/2020 Between i360 and Pier

I went for an early morning (~7.30 am) walk on my own to the seafront, was walking from the i360 towards Brighton pier and noticed a man (he seemed homeless) following me all the way through. I saw him immediately but hoped he happened to just be walking in the same direction and minding his own business, but then he started getting a bit closer to me slowly but surely, so I started walking faster, then turned off to the mini pier with the "doughnut" sculpture because I saw a couple there and kindly asked if I can hang around them till he goes away.

He sat on the bench next to this pier for 10 mins at least, seemingly waiting for me! As he wasn't moving and the couple were not in a rush to leave either, I asked another lady who came around if I can walk back up to the street with her. When we crossed the road towards the lanes, the man was looking at us all the time and then gave up and went back in the direction of the i360. He must have noticed earlier that I am aware of him because I tried making it fucking obvious that I do indeed freakin know. Should have snapped a photo of him and tell him what I think, but figured that perhaps I'd be playing with fire.

It was creepy and I've never had issues like that before. Just be careful out there. Perhaps walking on your own isn't the best idea, and also in early mornings when there aren't many people about.I've always felt safe in Brighton, especially in the centre and in broad daylight, but I guess I can't feed my naivety like that. Gotta be careful. The man was wearing dark green clothes (just layers of clothes, nothing too significant) and a dark green hat (looked like a fisherman's hat). Was very silent and didn't say a word, just crept around, so who knows what his intentions were.

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