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2 stories

2015 Arch

I was clubbing in the arch in 2015 when a guy I didn’t know/had never spoken to or seen before came up to me and grabbed and squeezed my boobs. I protested, he ran away. No one did anything and he got away with it.

07/19 Kings Road

There was also a time in July 2019 when I was walking along kings road with two friends about to go home after a night out when a boy, again I’d never seen before, standing near Buddies restaurant, lent toward me as I was walking past and hit/bounced his water bottle off both my boobs. Me and the two friends I was with asked why he had done that and he proceeded to get really defensive. He told us he wouldn’t be afraid to hit me even if I was a girl and not only called his friends over to punch one of my friends in the head, but also tried to pull my friends watch off their wrist. We got away as soon as security started coming out from the restaurants.

Both these instances felt horrible, like I was just an object to play with.

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