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24/06/20 Beach/Pier

This incident occurred on the 24th of June 2020 at 7am. My two friends and I were sitting on Brighton beach by the pier when we were approached by three young men. These men got chatty with us and kept trying to sit next to us and buddy up, however we reminded them of the 2 meter rule and repeatedly told them we didn’t want any trouble and wanted to be left alone. Another man who I believe was with them then approached from behind us on the beach and tried to sit next to us.

The entire group was now harassing us. My friend threw stones at their feet and said “two meters!!”. The men then became aggressive. The fourth man poured his beer over my friend. She retaliated and pushed him away and grabbed at his hair. This man then got his phone out and started filming us all. I was crying by this point because I realised that my phone, bag and ID had all gone missing from where we were sitting in the process. I believe my friend was completely justified in her actions as she was defending herself however I had not lifted a finger towards this man and he ran after me saying I had hit him and then kicked me to try and trip me up.

The police were called who took a statement from me regarding the bag whilst the men all left the beach behind them (and probably with my bag) except for the fourth individual who was questioned. The police told my friend that I was “hysterical” and asked why I was on the beach so early. I do not feel this type of questioning nor terminology was appropriate. None of my items have been returned.

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