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25/06/2019 North Street Bus

Because street harassment and catcalling is old school we now have cyber flashing...

Last night around 9.40 pm I had just got on a bus on North Street (bound for Hove). Somewhere between presenting my bus ticket (which is on my phone) and sitting down upstairs, I got a very well timed airdrop request. When I looked down at my phone I came face to face with... well... a dick.  Yes, that’s right, this is the next level of sexual harassment ladies...  Naturally, I’m not going to post the actual dick pic. I don’t want to be sending unsolicited dick pics... I’ve said this sentence far more than I ever imagined I would do in the past 12hrs. 

The surprise and novelty have now worn away and all that’s left is an unsettling feeling that someone could do this to someone who is far more vulnerable than I am. Currently, there is no actual law against this, although there are talks of bringing one in. Looking at the stats I’m horrified at how often this happens. It makes me want to stand on the street and scream. At what point have our manners and common decency been stripped away to the point where society just doesn’t care any more?!

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