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26/05/2020 Beach

I came down to the beach this afternoon for a summer swim and to spend some time amongst the pebbles and seagulls. I decided to change into my bikini as I was feeling going into the water and did so as soon as I got to the beach (I came alone).

This man (he was short, short brown hair and wearing red shorts, I think he was French from what he had mentioned but sounded and looked Italian and probably in his late 30s) came up to me, asked if he could sit next to me and after chatting to me for about 10 minutes where he could see that I was extremely uninterested in anything he had to say, put his hand on my upper leg and tried to move it up my skirt.

I immediately moved as far away from him as I could and told him to leave me alone and at first, he wouldn't but then after I had told him to leave me alone a few more times, he eventually got the hint. I got up and moved spots on the beach after that. It is a total shame that us women have to even do that in the first place or feel uncomfortable on a public beach and have to endure such perverted men.

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