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31/05/20 Near Brighton Music Hall

Around 8/8:30pm it was myself and my best mate (male) and his cute dog were sitting on the wall near Brighton Music Hall and saw a man dressed in black jeans no top approaching people as he staggered up to us after being told to go away from a family sitting opposite who had a young girl with them about 10 years old! They told him to go away and he started trying to talk to us, I got instantly uncomfortable and then my friend noticed his dick was hanging out of his unzipped trousers and yelled “mate your dick is out”.

He didn’t care and kept talking to us and so I looked away and my friend kept yelling louder that his junk was out and telling him to piss off. He then left us and went down the path doing the same to other groups of people. Still to this day I find it a scary experience and don’t understand why someone would do that.

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