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27/09/2019 Brighton Train

I want to share this while it's fresh in my mind. I just arrived from London and no more than 1 minute outside the station I'm being harassed by a guy who is demanding I take out my earphones to talk with him. When I don't, he tells me I'm being difficult, I have attitude problems, I'm disrespectful, I'm a bitch, I'm fucking asking for it. I've said nothing and he's monologued this like a proper sociopath. Now he has two friends and they're shouting at me too, blocking my way, grabbing a couple of girls as they pass me by on Queens Road. I haven't felt this intimidated in a long time and I haven't so much as looked at them - as far as they know, I haven't heard a word.

They continue to follow me to the clock tower. I called my bf and kept him on the phone listening as I walk. I watched the guys split up, two following some girls down into the lanes. The other off down western road past Boots. They were all wearing dark hoodies, but I didn't see all their faces. The guy who got in my way directly was Asian/Mediterranean looking, short, slim and smoked. I felt like they were hustling for trouble and purposefully approaching women. Be safe girls.

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