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08/02/2018 Prince Albert Street, South Lanes

This happened so fast. I was walking to the bus stop on North Street with flowers in my hand as I reached the Dr. Martens shoe shop, I heard someone say I dropped something behind me. As I turned around, immediately this man embraced me and he smelt of aftershave. He was in his 20s, white, might have been on drugs. I started squirming, hyperventilating because he was holding tight. His arms were strong.

He dragged me across to Ship Street, my legs became jelly and it was like my body completely froze, I was getting big grazes on my knees after tugging me along. All I could see was my petals on the floor. At this point, I was against the wall with his forearm on my throat and his hand down my trousers. That’s when a bouncer from Seven Stars ran out and stopped everything.

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