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21/06/2018 The Haunt

I was on a night out with a couple of my girl friends and The Haunt was one of our favourite places to go as we always had a good time. I can’t remember what time it was/how far into the night it was but I went up by myself to the ground floor bar to get a drink. As I got to the bar, there was this guy next to me and I kind of knew straight away that he was pretty drunk. I don’t remember what he looked like as it was a couple of years ago and also it was obviously dark.

He leaned towards me and I thought he wanted to talk to me and as I was having a good time and was in a good mood, I leaned in to try and hear what he was going to say. Instead he tried to kiss me. I didn’t know this guy, he didn’t know me and he made no signs that that was what he was going to do. I jerked away super quickly and as this sort of thing has never really happened to me before my heart went into absolute shock and straight away felt incredibly uncomfortable.

Luckily the woman who was serving me behind the bar saw everything and asked if I knew him and after I told her I didn’t she told him to go away basically and then she asked me if I was okay.

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