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31/07/2020 Outside Son's Nursery

I cannot believe I'm actually writing this, but the last place I imagine being cat-called and followed in a car by a group of Turkish lads in a red VW... was whilst coming out of the gate of my 4-year-old son's nursery and walking along the road with him (and my 6-year-old girl in town) this evening. At first, I didn’t think they were beeping at me as I closed the gate of the nursery, as it is a main road... however, their car slowed down and they started jeering and speaking Turkish whilst looking me up at down and blowing me kisses. The kids were weirded out and didn’t understand what was happening... luckily, the car was about 10 ft away and we hopped in quickly... but NOT OKAY didn’t bank on having to explain to my 6-year-old daughter what harassment was.

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