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26/06/20 Cycle Lane opposite Odeon

My friend and I were cycling back from the beach around 10 PM along the cycle lane on the seafront, just before the road works. We were cycling towards a small group of young boys aged around 15-16 standing in the cycle lane ahead of us. As we cycled towards them, the group dispersed and 2 of the boys approached me and my friend individually, clearly intoxicated.

The boy who approached me shouted ‘I want to fuck you in the Ass, you sexy bitch’. I had to slow down because he was standing in front of my bike, and I proceeded to cycle around him and ignore it. The other shouted at my friend ‘I want to eat your Pussy’, she gave him a disgusted look and told him to ‘F*ck off’. He proceeded to then say ‘ah, your ugly anyway, I want to fuck you in the Ass’. We both cycled off in shock and dismay.

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