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25/06/20 Duke's Mont to Yellow Waves/Volks Railway

These guys followed me along from Duke’s Mont to in front of Yellow Waves/Volks Railway. They sat quite close and said “Nice Boobs, How much”. I said fuck off and leave me alone.

They continued to shout things at me so I informed them I would call the police and as I started to do so, the taller one said “come on let’s go” and ran off quickly and his friend stumbled behind him. They walked towards Brighton pier the shorter one looking and talking to young women on his way.

UPDATE: A message we received regarding the men in the photo.

I was in the Nisa local down Hove beach last midweek and he was in there buying beers. I forget the day, the guy closest in the pic was really staring at two girls that were behind me in the queue, I'd say they were about 16/17 years old maybe younger. He was staring to the point where they actually commented saying "Jesus, don't make it too obvious". This guy definitely has that predator look in his eye and people should be wary.

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