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20/06/20 Beach

2 days ago my friend and I were at the beach enjoying the sun, as we walked to the beach we noticed a man doing drugs, anyway about an hour later there was a young girl aged between 18-20 years old sat down on her own reading a book with her headphones in, we noticed this man later approached her and sat literally right next to hear with no social distancing at all!

Anyway, she takes out her headphones and he starts talking to her and straight away my friend and I can tell she is uncomfortable, scared and doesn't know what to do, after about 30 seconds or so she proceeds to listen to her headphones again and carries on reading ignoring him, the man decides to stay sitting next to her very closely just staring at her uncomfortably up and down, she goes to her bag to get her phone out and the man is still there making her feel uncomfortable.

In the end, I got up and sat next to her 2 meters apart and I smiled and said hello, she instantly smiled back with relief and I asked her if she knew this man, she said no with a shy voice and unsure voice. In the end, I got her to come and sit with me and my friend near the lifeguards until he left and He left instantly!

He may have been harmless but I can assure you whatever his intentions were, he had no respect for her personal space!

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