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07/06/20 Seven Dials

My pal and I had horrible sexually violent homophobic/ transphobic abuse shouted at us from a car at seven dials roundabout at lunchtime today. It was your classic, sexual harassment out of the window, us telling him to fuck off and then him blocking the zebra crossing we were trying to cross and leaning out the window to shout the most disgusting stuff at us (funny how men go so quickly from sexual harassment to telling you that you look like a boy that is too ugly to fuck eh?)

We were very shaken and upset by the experience, and managed to write down his number plate, but didn't speak to anyone who was around on the street. So firstly we are wondering if anyone witnessed this? It is not my first time getting homophobic abuse at this roundabout, and we have reluctantly reported to the police since we do want it documented as a hate crime!

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