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This Is How We Do It

Written by Amy Smith

Hey there squirrel friends. We are so glad you're here, we have got so much we want to share with you. We are the Anti-Harassment Club. Pull up a chair and join us as we tackle gender-based street harassment and fight for a better, safer, and all-around funner world.

During the lockdown, it became apparent that harassment in our beautiful city was rife. We were hearing day after day about womxn being approached, demeaned and objectified and we decided to do something about it.

Our plans are big AF.

The core committee consists of five badass feminist queens who have amazing experience in making change happen. Together, we have been working tirelessly behind the scenes and you can see the fruits of our labour by checking out our petition, our mission statement and all others docs here. Keep your eyes on it though as this work will expand as we do. Get to know us more via our social media where we will always be spilling the T, sharing our brave victim's stories and being chic and fabulous (we can't help it).

Join the fight below!




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