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Western Road Shop

Last summer I went to a shop on Western Road at about 10 pm to get cat food. While my partner went to another shop, a man in his 30s came up to me and told me "you're coming with me" I said, "um, no I'm not I'm going home with my boyfriend who's in that shop". He again said, "no, you're coming with me, get in the car". I ignored him and went into the shop my boyfriend was in.

The man followed me into the shop and again said "I told you, you're coming with me", and tried to grab my arm. My boyfriend said "no she isn't she's coming home with me, you need to walk away" and then the man walked up to him and literally slapped him round the face. At this point, I saw red and physically pushed the bloke out of the shop and gave him a mouthful and the men that worked in it went out and told him to go away or they would call the police and he left.

I was so shaken up by this I haven't been able to leave the house alone after dark since and still wonder what he planned on doing with me and what would have happened if I was alone. I would say he was Eastern European, blue eyes, shaved head, about 6 foot and stocky build. I know I should have reported it to the police but I've read so much about the police not doing anything and victim-blaming and it was such a weird experience that I just wanted to forget about it.

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